The Benefits of Outsourcing for Staffing Firms (eBook)

Learn how partnering with an HR service provider to handle back-office tasks like payroll, benefits, and workers' comp will allow your staffing agency to reduce risk, gain competitive advantage, and become more profitable.

The reality of running a staffing agency increasingly looks like this:

  • There’s a set amount of hours in a day, week, month, and year
  • Resources are limited
  • Every possible strategic action has an opportunity cost that might be better for the business
  • Your time — and your employees’ time — is valuable


Your path to revenue growth lies in delivery for your clients. But staffing agencies consistently report that a significant portion of their actual time goes toward back-of-office work such as payroll, taxes, compliance, regulations, and risk management.

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Outsourcing Will Increase Your Profitability

The easiest way to take back your time — and simultaneously not question if you’re doing these tasks right — is outsourcing.  This usually involves partnering with a human resource service provider, which handle a variety of back-office tasks.

These partnerships allow staffing agencies to reduce risk, gain competitive advantage, and become more profitable.  But where should you begin?

Outsourcing for Staffing Agencies Often Starts With:

Most staffing firms begin by outsourcing:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Workers’ comp

This e-book will walk you through understanding the benefits of outsourcing each of these aspects of your staffing business.  Included are helpful questions to ask of potential partners to ensure success.

Download this free eBook today.  Questions?  Contact us with any follow-up questions to help you leverage HR outsourcing to allow you to focus your efforts onclient delivery and revenue generation.