Navigating the Reopening of Your Business

100 questions to help your business map COVID-19 risks and recovery
Making the decision to temporarily close the doors of your business (or significantly alter how you do business) was a painful one. Governments controlled stay-at-home orders and they determined what was an essential business. With stay-at-home orders now lifting across most states, it’s time to begin the process of recovery. And that starts with asking questions.

How can you comply with laws, ensure the health of employees and customers, and still attend to the critical needs of your balance sheet? You may be permitted to be open, but how exactly will that look for your business? How will your own employees and customers shape your response?

In this guide, we’ll map out the questions you need to answer at each stage of getting back to business: 

1. Deciding When to Reopen
2. Deciding How to Reopen
3. Measuring and Monitoring Your Recovery
4. Getting Started: Getting Help

Going beyond just asking questions, it will help you:
- Design your reopening plan
- Gain buy-in from stakeholders/employees
- Establish new policies and processes to support your plan
- Communicate your plan to stakeholders/employees



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