A Cyber Primer: The HR Outsourcer's Guide to Cybersecurity [E-book]

Cybersecurity is a top priority—but you already knew that.

As an HR outsourcer, you are in a unique position where you not only need to safeguard your own proprietary information but also the sensitive human resources-related information of the small businesses with which you do business.

With more than 20 years of experience supporting commercial, defense and intelligence organizations, let's just say Dwayne Smith has seen some things. His e-book, "The Cyber Primer," was designed to help HR outsourcers deal with the complex cybersecurity landscape facing today's businesses.


Learn his and other experts' advice on how to help boost your cyberhygiene to help ward off a cyberattack in this info-packed e-book.

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You’ll learn:

  • The most common types of cyberattacks
  • How cyberattacks are evolving
  • Why everyone has a role to play in keeping businesses safe from a cyberattack

There are several areas HR outsourcers can focus on to help beef up their cybersecurity. We’ll explore these tactics as well as what we’ll call overall “cyberhygiene”—how companies can prioritize risks and make the best cybersecurity decisions and investments based on those risks—in this e-book.