On-Demand: 2018 Year-End Processing Best Practices

Watch this webinar recording to help make year end go as smoothly as possible. This webinar is intended as a high level overview of the setup and offerings on HRPyramid/PrismHR for W-2 and 1099 Processing. If you have not processed W-2s or 1099s in PrismHR or HRPyramid previously, or want some helpful reminders about best practices, this webinar will help you with: 

  • Initializing Employee W-2 Forms and 1099s 
  • Reporting W-2 Boxes, Including Benefits 
  • Balancing and Auditing W-2 and 1099s 
  • Making Adjustments to W-2s 
  • Ordering W-2 Forms 
  • Printing and Aligning W-2 Forms 
  • Creating EFW2 Files 

Watch the Recording